Deutsche sollen ihre Nachbarn bloßstellen: ARD-Professor will Öko-Stasi

Natalie Mekelburger am 26.Juli 2019 in der Welt:

Der neue Klimaabsolutismus

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Bild am 24. Juli 2019:

Deutsche sollen ihre Nachbarn bloßstellen: ARD-Professor will Öko-Stasi

Ist das noch Umweltbewusstsein oder schon Öko-Diktatur? Heftige Kritik an Professor Niko Paech (58, Uni Siegen) und dem Deutschlandfunk!

Paech ist u. a. Referent der „Tele-Akademie“ des SWR (ARD). Im Radio-Interview fordert er die Deutschen auf, Nachbarn wegen ihrer Klimasünden ins Verhör zu nehmen. Und der Deutschlandfunk verbreitet das auch noch als „Tipps“ des Professors unkritisch weiter.

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Principia Scientific:

What Gives? UN Climate Report (due 2022) Excludes Geologists

Geology is a key science to help our understanding of earth’s past climate. Yet, once again, the corrupt UN IPCC will deliver another biased report in 2022 that excludes ANY geologists.

Geologist, Dr Roger Higgs exposes the reasons for this shameful omission in his paper ‘IPCC Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change next report (AR6, due 2022) − 784 authors, yes 784, but again NO geologists!

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Christopher Caldwell am 2. August 2019 in der New York Times:

The Problem With Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism

Her radical approach is at odds with democracy.

Climate activists in Western Europe had already been radicalizing for some time when record heat engulfed the Continent last month. The high reached 109 degrees in Paris two Thursdays ago. Yet many environmentalists have come to believe that extreme weather alone will never spur Europeans to give up fossil fuels. Nor will talking about it. Provocations and disruption are needed.

The problem is not that Europeans think like Americans, 13 percent of whom say human activity is “not responsible at all” for global warming. Europeans are less cynical about official accounts of climate change that come from the United Nations and various universities. The problem, rather, is that Europeans act like Americans, holding tight to their driving and consuming habits.

Climate activists have therefore changed their emphasis. No more eliciting pieties by explaining what happens when carbon dioxide rises past 400 parts per million. Better to use the specter of imminent self-extinction to rally the public behind actions like banning cars from city centers and halting new oil exploration.

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Breitbart am 3. August 2019:

Delingpole: Exposed? Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers

An anonymous source claims to have extracted lots of documents from Extinction Rebellion’s computer database and has put them up online.

The documents, if genuine, seem to have been exposed through carelessness on the part of Extinction Rebellion, not a computer hack. Anyway, Paul Homewood has been filleting some of the best bits and here is what he has found. If verified, this confirms Extinction Rebellion is disturbingly flush and well-funded: over £1 million raised this year, half of it still unspent, according to the documents.

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